Contribution For A Happy Lunar New Year To Poor House In Tra Vinh Province

Truong Long Hoa commune was recognized as a new rural commune in 2015, although it is interested in investing by the Central Government, Tra Vinh Provincial People’s Committee and Town People’s Committee, but in general, the infrastructure, socio-economy are still remain lots of limitations, the life of a part of the People still faces many difficulties, especially poor households, near-poor households and policy households who are in need of cooperation and assistance of the community to have conditions overcoming difficulties in life.

In case of Duyen Hai town - a young town located in the Southeast - Tra Vinh province, with a natural area of 17,709 ha and a population of 48,682 people. The percentage of poor and near-poor households counts for 4.53% of the total households in the town.

Promoting the tradition of solidarity of the Vietnamese people, in response to the call to mobilize the "Social Security" Fund on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the establishment of Tra Vinh province (01/01/1900 – 01/01/2020), 8:00 am on January 21, 2020, representatives of Tra Vinh Wind Power No.1 Joint Stock Company (TWPC) were present at the People’s Committee of Dan Thanh Commune, Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh Province to give Tet gifts to 52 poor households in the communes Truong Long Hoa, Dan Thanh and Long Toan belong to Duyen Hai Town, Tra Vinh Province.

Contribution For A Happy Lunar New Year To Poor House In Tra Vinh Province

Then, at 11 pm on the same day at Long Khanh commune Peoples’s Committee, representatives of TWPC company sent Tet gifts to 98 poor households of Long Khanh commune.

And 158 gifts were given to poor households in 4 hamlets of Ngu Lac commune at 3 pm on January 21, 2020.

The number of gifts given to poor households is 308 pieces with a total value of nearly one hundred million dong. A gift includes: 10 kg of rice, 1 carton of instant noodles, 1 large bottle of cooking oil, 1 bottle of fish sauce, 1 bottle of soy sauce and 1 kg of white sugar.

TWPC Company always joins hands to develop the community and wants warm New Year’s Eve days for the people in the project area.

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